ACC-Gwangju Fringe International



ACC-Gwangju Fringe International

Parade for Festival with Citizen


Magic Night

Street Arts

_Artist : XARXA Theatre
_Country : Spain
_Homepage :
_Running Time : 45min
_Date : June 3 (Sat) 9:00PM, June 4 (Sun) 8:00PM

Xarxa Theatre transports audiences to the popular fiestas of Valencia in which traditional pyrotechnics, music and firebulls are at centre stage. And all involving the audiences, who become actors in one of the most participative performances in contemporary street theatre. The devils and musicians invite spectators to dance under a shower of sparks in a cathartic ritual in which everyone participates in the same homage to the fiesta. A show that is experienced with all five senses.

Voalá Station

Aerial Musical Comedy

_Artist : Voalá
_Country : Argentina
_Homepage :
_Running Time : 45min
_Date : June 2 (Fri) 8:00PM, June 3 (Sat) 8:00PM

A musical comedy with the sky as scenery. The beauty of the choreographic compositions with the aerial devices creates images of high visual impact. A touching story driven by the power of its music, with a bandoneon and live voice. A sensible and innovative show that makes the audience feel the most charming emotions. We are aiming to get caught up in without mediation.

Red Tanks

Street Arts

_Artist : B-floor Theatre
_Country : Thailand
_Running Time : 40min
_Date :
_June 2 (Fri) 5:30PM
_June 3 (Sat) 6:30PM
_June 4 (Sun) 7:00PM

A solo movement-based performance by Teerawat 'Ka-ge' Mulvilai. The performance got inspiration from political incident around 40 years ago in the southern part of Thailand where people who were communism got arrest and put into Red Tanks then burn! A man found himself among red tanks, he recalled his memory and journey.

A Silent Couple in Humorous White

Street Arts

_Artist : Sivouplait
_Country : Japan
_Running Time : 35min
_Date :
_June 2 (Fri) 5:00PM, 6:30PM
_June 3 (Sat) 3:30PM, 6:00PM
_June 4 (Sun) 3:30PM, 6:00PM

In this unique comedy, this highly skilled Japanese pair use their unusual style of mime to portray the perfect couple in love.
But are they... like a Japanese Manga in Good old days.

Shouting without Noise


_Artist : Yi fan
_Country : France
_Running Time : 30min
_Date :
_June 3 (Sat) 4:00PM, 6:30PM
_June 4 (Sun) 4:00PM, 6:30PM

He likes to play hide and seek alone. He wanted to make a tattoo with this text: I feel pain in my skin to not touch you. During all this time he was looking for her also if he didn't know her. A creation mixing balances on a slack rope, balances under books, dance. An universal intimate performance.

Perhaps Hope


_Artist : Company Here and Now
_Country : Australia
_Running Time : 55min
_Homepage :
_Date :
_June 3 (Sat) 4:30PM, 7:00PM
_June 4 (Sun) 4:30PM, 7:00PM

It’s the end of the world as we know it. What happens in the moments after the eco-apocalypse? How can we possibly find Hope in the face of so much global devastation? Framed as a dreaming on an apocalypse caused by environmental devastation. This humorous, delicate and tension-filled show will leave the audience with a renewed optimism, and perhaps hope.


Lalala show

Musical Play

_Artist: Umdalda
_Running Time: 30min
_June 3 (Sat) 3:30PM, 6:00PM
_June 4 (Sun) 3:30PM, 6:30PM

Two wandering man and woman dragged the wheel. A wagon is a house, a means of transportation, and a stage for performance. They would have seen and heard as much as they have traveled. Those stories are depicted in humorous songs and theatre of situations with various instruments and strange props.

Invisible City

Street Arts

_Artist: Seoulkedam
_Running Time: 40min
_Date:June 3 (Sat) 7:00PM, June 4 (Sun) 7:00PM

Is the house a place for family members or real estate for property? Audience can peek into the double attitude to the house of city dwellers from memory, lust, exchange, and vision of an old man.

Someday PM

Street Arts

_Artist: Theatre Company People in Backpack
_Running Time: 40min
_Date: June 3 (Sat) 4:00PM, June 4 (Sun) 4:00PM

One sunny day, the brothers do the laundry comfortably. However, petty squabbles cause various kinds of garbage, so they start washing their clothes again to clean up the mess. Will they be able to finish washing the laundry safely?

Woman with Flower

Aerial Performance

_Artist: Creative Dandi
_Running Time: 25min
_Date: June 2 (Fri) 6:30PM, June 3 (Sat) 7:30PM

Four dancers portrayed Picasso’s surrealism as an aerial performance by focusing on his paintings of the same title, . The dancers use the outer walls of a tall building as canvas while climbing up and down with fantastic gestures and producing a wide range of picturesque scenes.


Objet Performance

_Artist: RalRalla
_Running Time: 35min
_June 3 (Sat) 3:00PM, 5:30PM
_June 4 (Sun) 3:00PM, 5:30PM

With the motif of the shit and the change, Korean homonym, the performer is satirizing the world in the form of a talk song with guitar accompaniment while going between 'shit' and 'change'.



_Artist: Seed Dance Project Group
_Running Time: 20min
_Date: June 3 (Sat) 7:30PM, June 4 (Sun) 7:30PM

Performance shows the problem of communication manifested in human selfishness and competition, expressing the absence or misalignment in communication between human beings through movements such as discrepancies, overlapping, opposition, and resistance.

Moment of Inertia


_Artist: 1984+4
_Running Time: 20min
_Date: June 3 (Sat) 6:30PM, June 4 (Sun) 6:30PM

We often mistakenly think that the relationship is still maintained even when the relationship is over. Changes cause anxiety as they make the future unpredictable. The remaining habit (inertia) of relationships after the changes is expressed as an sports game sending and receiving a ball.

Connecting Link


_Artist: Librejoven
_Running Time: 20min
_Date: June 3 (Sat) 6:00PM, June 4 (Sun) 6:00PM

The motif of this performance is a human relationship. My contact with you leads to a small link, and further, to our relationship. It is a performance that visualizes the staggering, encounter, cooperation, conflict, disconnections and connections that occur in this relationship with dynamic and frenzied movements.

Theory of Doing Nothing

Installation Art

_Artist: Jeongeun Kim
_Date: June 2 (Fri) ~ 4 (Sun) 3:00PM ~ 8:00PM

It's the time when everyone becomes lazy under colorful shades. In a romantic struggle for the utopia I cry like this. We should all be lazy! Lazy people dressed in pajamas occasionally show up penetrating into the audience space to encourage laziness and preach the arts of laziness.


Installation Art

_Artist: Kibaek Yeon
_Date: June 2 (Fri) ~ 4 (Sun) 7:00PM ~ 11:00PM

Fire is lit on the bullet marks. The social problems that lead many people to death still remain, but the lives of individuals continue. A small red bonfire rises over the huge gray ACC square.

citizen parade

citizen parade

_Director : Kangeui Park, Manuel V. Vilanova, Leandre Ll. Escamilla
_Choreographer : Heeheung Shin
_Artist : Gwangju Citizen, Korean People's Theater Association, Xarxa Theatre, Hwarang Art Pyrotechnics, etc.
_Date: June 2 (Fri) 7:00PM

The festival is not just a joyful party, as in Korean word, festival means ‘wish’ and ‘ritual’. It is an occasion to celebrate the identity of the community and celebrate it firmly. The meaning of the festival is being put in the parade by Gwangju citizens.


Jangseung Gut Eve for Korean Reunification at Mudeungsan

_Artist: The Institute of Korean Aesthetics, Korean People's Theater Association, Mudeunggongbubang
_Date: June 2 (Fri) 9:00PM

In the night before planting national reunification jangseung, Korean traditional totem pole, The festival of life and peace is held in the place of history where the spirit of Gwangju is firmly carved. Various performances such as dance, song, and madangguk are held in order to make new changes such as peaceful unification, and local harmony and development.

Culture Cities of East Asia Dance Performance

_Company: Hub City of Asian Culture Forum
_Date: June 3 (Sat) 5:00PM, June 4 (Sun) 5:00PM

Dance performance of China-Quanzhou Song & Dance Ensemble and Japan-Yokohama Hokosaki Team.

Academic Events_Street Debate

_Topic: 'Why street art?'
_Date: June 4 (Sun) 11:00AM ~ 1:00PM

Description: Discussion on ‘flower of cultural democracy’, street art.